Author Topic: Introducing BETA of avast! Unix Server Edition (non-Intel platforms)  (Read 5122 times)

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Hi guys,

finally, we managed to make the avast engine Intel platform independent!

As a beginning, here's a beta version of avast! for

1. Sun Solaris (Sparc platform)
2. Linux (PowerPC/G5).

More platforms are coming soon (Mac OS X Server, maybe also IBM AIX and AS/400 (?) and generally any platform you guys are using - please tell us...! :))

It was quite a struggle (as *vast* parts of avast are in fact written in Intel x86 assembly language - i.e. absolutely non-portable) but I hope the result was worth the effort.

We expect to officially release the product in Q1 2006.

More info + download links here:

Thanks !
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