Author Topic: BitDefender Further Expands Global Footprint with the Establishment of Canadian  (Read 1659 times)

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What!?!?!?   :o

Hey BD team, it's allright with you but we all (here) know avast! is FAR SUPERIOR and can easily beat it and ANY other antivirus toolkit out there!! :D

And believe me, I know what I say because I have several years on my back as IT and security consultant and I'm in the scene since old mainframe computers and even when the first 8 bit computers showed up.

So, what are you waiting for?? The world really need an excellent antivirus as yours but other companies take the head?! It's like the browsers war: we all know IE isn't a big thing but we usually use it because it's high compatibility BUT Opera 8.5 -now free- IS the option when you talk about professional browsers and still easy enough to beginners... sure Firefox 1.5 is good but it still years ago from Opera...

I don't want to challenge the company politics about it's products, avast! for instance, but I think you must go out there and let people know what an excellent product they're missing...

If you don't take marketing seriously the press will still talk wonderfull things about Symantec's or McAfee cow-like security products, about the miraculous Firefox (when you have the excellent and unbeatable Opera) and your product will never reach it's full potential and eventually render dead.

Anyway, congratz on avast!, the very best antivirus at this time - as it have been be from some years ago.

I wish to the forum a Happy New Year for you'll and your beloved ones!!!  ;D

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