Author Topic: Windows A4B client synced with Consumer code base  (Read 2689 times)

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Windows A4B client synced with Consumer code base
« on: February 18, 2016, 10:55:33 PM »
Today, we released new Windows client for our Avast for Business console, version 11.1.2510.353. The features are the same as in Consumer AV product and he bring full support for new features in A4B console. The major changes are

+ New firewall driver for Win8/10 - fixes issues with non working firewall
+ SafeZone browser
+ SafeZone browser: Added security extension (phishing protection)
+ SafeZone browser: Fixed Pay mode crashes
+ SafeZone browser: Settings and bookmarks now synced to Pay mode (after browser restart)
+ Security fixes

The Business clients are now synced with consumer code base. All next Windows client releases is planned 2 weeks after consumer product to ensure business get the best tested Endpoint protection. The next release A4B2016R2 is planned to mid of April.

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