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Re: SafeZone browser installed itself
« Reply #255 on: April 01, 2016, 08:36:35 PM »
Thanks for all the feedback, everybody.

Just to give you some info on what we are doing regarding this:

- We actually stopped pushing SafeZone to Free AV users shortly after this thread was started, to take the time to better understand all the feedback and possibly adjust the strategy
- While we're disappointed that the reaction to the inclusion of this premium feature in the Free AV has generally been rather negative (at least based on the feedback here and other sites), we have made the decision to stop pushing it for the time being
- SafeZone is still part of new Free AV installs though (and of course, as always, can be configured in the Custom installation) -- so in that regard, the free and premium versions of Avast now behave the same
- We are working on a better way to re-introduce the feature to our free user base (and some of the suggestions in this thread have been really useful for that, thanks). We will keep you posted.

With that, I think the topic has been pretty much exhausted and I am going to go ahead to lock this thread.

Thank you,
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