Author Topic: Unable to UNC/access shares with avast Business (through edu license)  (Read 3763 times)

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We have been experiencing a problem with the avast! Business Security client on Windows 7 Machines, BUT ONLY on Dell Optiplex 7020's.
We push the client out via GPO with the MSI that avast compiled for us.

We have about ~200 Dell Optiplex 7020 machines running in our district and they all have Windows 7 installed. It seems that after the avast client is installed, everything is fine for a day or two but then we get calls that they cannot access network shares or they cannot UNC to other machines. As soon as we run avast clear (a regular install does not fix the problem) and reboot the machine everything is back to normal until the next time the GPO pushes the avast install onto their machine and a few days pass.

Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions?