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Hello All,

I'm happy to announce we have released our new program updates for our Endpoint Security Clients and Management Console's.

New Versions Include
  • AEA (ver 8.0.405 (April 14, 2016 build)
  • SOA (ver. (April 14, 2016 build)
  • Managed EP Clients (Stand Alone) (ver.8.0.1607)
  • Email and File Server (vers. 8.0.1607)

Fixes Include
  • 8.1 BSOD Issue Resolved
  • Mapped Drive Issue
  • aswSnx security fix

** Please note that a program update will require the client to reboot so please plan accordingly, especially for those with larger environments.

A. How to update Enterprise Administration Update (version 8.0.405 build April 14, 2016)

To update your EA console and Client all you need to do is run the EA + EPS installer over the current installation.

You can find the file below.

B.  How to update the Small Office Administration  (version

1. This can ONLY be updated by running the set up file found in the link below.

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