Author Topic: Avast Pro has expired, how to stop reminders and go back to free?  (Read 3241 times)

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I paid for Avast Pro for a year specifically for the sandbox mode but only used it a few times.  My Pro has expired and I'd prefer to just stick with the free version.

1) It says I am unprotected from the task tray hover balloon/tool-tip.  I surely hope this is not the case.  If so, it seems like really poor judgement to not at least revert to the free "protected" version of Avast.  Why put a customer that has done cash business with you in a worse position than a free user who hasn't ever paid you anything?

2) How do I stop the annoying pop-up reminders to upgrade and simply revert my install to the free version?

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Re: Avast Pro has expired, how to stop reminders and go back to free?
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To me the simplest thing would be to uninstall your current version and then install fresh the free version . . . .
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