Author Topic: I am facing a problem with avast online security & my wordpress site.  (Read 2069 times)

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Hi,  :)

Since 5 days my site is blocked by avast no apparent reason, it is only a blog of Tips and Tricks for PC, Mobile and security.

When someone try to visit my site it's blocked by avast online. And it's showing the malicious problem. I am not able to recognize which code need to remove.

I have scan my site using sucuri plugin and its showing no malicious found and site is clean.

You know I am losing so many visitors. If first time visitors face this occur, they will never come back again. That's why I am so many tensed about it.  :'(

If possible give me the solution, it will more helpful for me.

Last month I contacted the support to report the false positive. And they fixed the problem. My wesite has been unblocked. But now it is blocked again for some reason that is unclear to me.

Can you please help me ? I have tried so many solution but not found exact solution. 

The website url:

Thank you

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Blacklisted (ESET)  >>

IP history >
enormus amount of domains on same IP and many are blacklisted
click more button under list(s) for more info (you may need to click several times to see all info)

Quttera > Malicious files >
Detected reference to malicious blacklisted domain: /

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I unblocked it ;)
Shouldn't happen again, I added it to our cleanset :)

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You need to update the ad-inserter plugin.

And check your headers as well:
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Thank you all for your assistance in resolving my issue. My problem is resolved.

My website has been unblocked.  ;D ;D