Author Topic: Constant urlmal-avast-process-cwindowssystem32svchostexe/ alert when browsing  (Read 25147 times)

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That would tie in with DNS being reset and the ISP then taking it over again after a while

As it was using different elements.. Avast, Chrome, IE and edge that indeed reinforces it  although I am not sure why Open DNS does not function

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I do live in Vietnam, I considered this a possibility but I've lived here for 3 years and this has only started happening recently

could be something they started doing recently or maybe avast decided to detect it as an issue? maybe an idea to contact your ISP and ask if its something they are doing, even if it's just to rule out them at the very least.


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I can't thank you guys enough for your efforts.

I'm starting to consider living with it for now.

If its ISP related then I probably will since we are leaving the country soon to travel.

Some background info on Vietnam if it sheds any light on things. There have been a few protests and activists stirring things up for the government here. They blocked Facebook a couple of weeks ago to disrupt the organising of the protests and blocked any messages involving keywords on phones and computers. It wouldn't surprise me if they use malware to monitor and catch these people. It sounds all a bit far fetched but if you lived in a communist country I guess you'd believe it.

If it was something to do with the ISP they wouldn't tell you let alone change anything. Customer service is not a thing here.

It would put me at ease though knowing what its doing. Key-logging or phishing that sorta thing. I just wanna play with my steam account again :(

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you could always use a VPN. You wont be able to do a whole lot on a free one but if it is the goverment then a VPN might stop it. But considering you did a full hard drive format and you are still getting the errors before you even get a chance to install anything kind of limits what it could be, ether malware so bad its surviving a full format somehow (ether by a rootkit in the motherboard bios or the ram or even if the router is infected) or its your ISP doing stuff. but judging the IP address its connecting to belongs to the Vietnam goverment i would personally think its the 2nd option.
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Hi guys,

Also suffering from the same pop ups.

This problem just started happening recently - I've been in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam for about 4 years now.

The pop up is on multiple laptops. Each laptop is connected to a different wifi network by a different provider.

Hope this additional information can help you guys figure out how to get rid of these annoying pop ups once and for all.

Thanks :)