Author Topic: New Speed test feature & many other improvements in 1.4.0 BETA  (Read 4806 times)

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Hey all,
just wanted to give you heads up that another major Avast Wi-Fi Finder release is now in Beta (v1.4.0)! Check out the latest version with completely rewritten speed test now giving much more precise results in eye-catching animation. We have also added new animation to the Wi-Fi Security Check feature, so that you have better overview of what's going in the scan. We're also adding the most requested new languages including Turkish, Chinese or Japenese.

If you haven't signed up yet, you can easily do it in our  Beta and get automatic beta updates directly from the Play Store.

Let us know how it works for you!

Full release notes
- Wi-Fi Finder is now translated into Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian & Romanian. Enjoy.
- Optimized for even lower battery consumption!
- Major improvement of the speed test feature including new animation
- Adding new animation for the Wi-Fi Security check feature
- Connected alert notification replaced with Speed test & Wi-Fi Security check notifications
- General bug fixes & improvements´╗┐