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I installed ABS yesterday evening on a new LG K7 (purchased Thursday). I've been monitoring the number of hours the app says I have remaining on a charge as compared to what the phone's pre-installed android battery setting indicates. Here's are some samples of what I'm finding:

1. Before I installed ABS, my phone's pre-installed android battery setting indicated 216 hours charge left with 96% charge remaining when I got up Saturday morning after charging the phone about 8 hours earlier. After a couple of hours and listening to music on my phone for about an hour, the remaining hours dropped to 143 hours with 93% charge remaining. After downloading a bunch of apps and continuing to listen to music while I worked out, a few hours later, the remaining hours was down to 46 hours with 78% charge remaining.

2. After installing ABS last evening and charging my phone, this morning when I got up,  the phone's pre-installed android battery setting had not yet configured itself. ABS indicated I had only 14 hours charge remaining. An hour and a half later, when the phone's pre-installed android battery setting had registered a reading  of 23 hours with 98% charge remaining, ABS indicated only 19 hours remaining although it had increased from it's initial reading this morning.

Then, suddenly, an hour later while I did nothing on the phone with WiFi going on only every 15 minutes (I was in the "Work" profile), the time remaining jumped significantly: 2 days for ABS and 55 hours for the phone's pre-installed  android battery setting and the battery was also at 97% charge remaining.

A couple of hours later of listening to music that was on my phone, answering a couple of emails, going online for about 5 minutes, and being on the "Work" profile, ABS indicated I had only 12 hours remaining while the phone's pre-installed android battery setting indicated 30 hours with the charge remaining at 82%.

An hour and a half later of doing nothing with the phone including not being on WiFi, ABS jumped up to 16 hours while the phone's pre-installed android battery setting stayed about the same.

So, you can see that there is a significant difference in what ABS and the phone's pre-installed android battery setting are indicating as the remaining charge that is left on my phone's battery. Also, both sources of information  are fluctuating quite a bit. The usage graph that displays in the pre-installed android battery setting indicates the usage estimate is based on the previous 3 hours of usage which could explain this settings fluctuations.

Does ABS determine its estimates of charge remaining based on a certain time period of usage? It seems like something is throwing off it's estimate, for example, this morning when it initially indicated there was only 14 hours remaining yet there was 98% charge remaining. Again, please note that this is a new phone with a new battery.

Thank you so very much for any insights you can give as to what I'm seeing on these two different sources of the same information.

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I just wanted to add that my main concern is that I don't know which set of information are the most accurate given the difference between and the fluctuations in the two sources of information. I continue to get vastly different results. I just checked the 2 sources of information again after not using my phone (It was on though.) for about 3.5 hours, and ABS increased the amount of charge left to 19 hours from 16 hours. However, the phones's pre-installed android battery setting jumped from 30 hours to 43 hours and the battery percentage level dropped only 2% to 80%.

Again, I thank you so very much for any information you can provide that will shed some light on what's going on with this situation.

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Amy First

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Hi Amy,

That's some meticulous documentation you've got there! I see you take these estimates very seriously.

We've engineered our time estimates around the most common usage patterns. 216 hours remaining sounds very abnormal to me. Most people go through phases of little usage vs. heavy usage. Our estimates need to adjust because we want to be accurate in both cases. Therefore, we assess your recent usage patterns, assume you'll continue them, and estimate based on this in addition to many other factors, like what profile you're in, etc.

We've noticed some quirkiness too following fresh installs, fresh device boots, abnormally heavy consumption, etc. I don't think we'll ever be able to accurately predict all cases like these because we don't know exactly how the phone is about to be used in the near future. But our testing found it to be pretty accurate for normal use cases.

We're always working to increase effectiveness and accuracy, and we'll keep this report in mind for future tinkering. I hope that helps clarify things and thanks for your patience.

Jesse, Product Manager