Author Topic: Estimate of Hours Added to Battery's Life Not in Tools Tab  (Read 3369 times)

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I just installed ABS on my new LG K7 last evening. I was reading the FAQs and have a question about the answer to one of them:

Q: How can I tell if Battery Saver is working?

A: To see how many apps Battery Saver has stopped and an estimate of hours the app has added to your battery's life, go to TOOLS tab

When I go to the TOOLS tab, all I see is the option to see the number of app stopped for different time periods. I do not see any information relating to the battery life. Is this information intended for a later version of ABS or does it not work on my phone (I'm using android version 5.1.1.).

Thanks so very much for any information you can provide.

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Re: Estimate of Hours Added to Battery's Life Not in Tools Tab
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Hi Buddy,

Good catch! You're right, this is a feature in the works. You should expect it in the coming 1-3 weeks. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy and for being patient.