Author Topic: Uninstalling Norton 2004 products completely  (Read 3824 times)

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Uninstalling Norton 2004 products completely
« on: December 03, 2003, 05:22:56 PM »
Have downloaded copy of Avast, but I am afraid to use, due to Norton NIS 2004, and Norton Systemworks 2004
(contains NAV2004) being on the computer, and even though I followed Symantec support instructions on complete uninstall, including registry keys, I think it is still all screwed up, and I am afraid that Avast will make it worse, due to Norton's problems.
I could not re-install even Norton sucessfully, received MSI could not launch from this location, (probably have corrupted files all over the place from Norton).
Needless to say, I need serious help!


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Re:Uninstalling Norton 2004 products completely
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2003, 05:35:21 PM »
Through Symantec support, you should find a removal utility for Norton (maybe easiest througth their FAQ system)


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Re:Uninstalling Norton 2004 products completely
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2003, 07:27:52 PM »
hello, gabby! and welcome :)

I had the same type problem, but the resident experts here solved the problem.
they will be along shortly to advise you...

good luck,


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Re:Uninstalling Norton 2004 products completely
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2003, 10:56:51 PM »
Hello gabby.  I had the same problem with Norton SystemWorks 2003 Pro!  Bottom line is that you must get rid of all those registry entries.  I too followed all the Norton instructions and even got help from their technical support team, but nothing they suggested really worked.  In desperation, I found the answer.  Download RegSeeker (it's freeware) and then just search "Norton" and "Symantec".  Delete all of the entries.  RegSeeker makes an auto backup, so if the registry deletion causes a problem, you can easily recover.

In my case Norton had really screwed up my entire system.  I had over 750 Norton and or Symantec registry entries that I found AFTER following all the removal instructions from Symantec.  I'll never use any of their products again!  After I used the RegSeeker method I described above, my system now works flawlessly.  Good luck!


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Re:Uninstalling Norton 2004 products completely
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2003, 03:24:40 PM »
Thank you Walter!  with the utility and your help, I am "norton free", I do still have a system works icon when I open Control Panel, and also the "Go back" still shows on start up, although it is not in the add/remove programs.  I have changed start up file to bypass this, but can't seem to get rid of the Icon on the Control panel.
I have installed Avast for home user, it goes out to the web periodically, but I have not seen any problems with it so far. It seems to be a much better product.
Also, I should have added that I am running Windows 98 on an old PC, and I did not experience that problem with the add/remove files menu, (thankfully).
The last few days have been crazy, and l did not pay for the Norton TEch support, but I did go out and buy a full copy of Norton SysWorks 2004, thinking that this would have helped me, but I am going to send away for the refund, and use the Microsoft user utilities for cleaning up the drive, backups, etc.
By the way, the problems that I had experienced were so extensive, I found over 850 registry keys still installed, and the norton tech support told me,(before I paid the money, thankfully), that it would probably be a fix of RELOADING THE OS!
Why is it that every tech support expert wants to do this so quickly?  They have one idea, and when that doesn't work, you have to format the C drive and reload everything.  And at that point the Norton pay for use support does not help you because you are no longer dealing with a Norton product.
Well I could go on and on, but someone should sue this company!.
Again thank you for your help, I will continue with Avast, and continue to lurk on this forum, I have learned a lot.

Gabby 2140