Author Topic: SpIDer Gate-beta similar to Avast Webshield?  (Read 2114 times)

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SpIDer Gate-beta similar to Avast Webshield?
« on: January 19, 2006, 09:25:47 AM »
Hello Avast forum members,

At the end of the previous year (12-29-05) Dr.Web introduced for the first time a public beta-version of a new anti-virus module, called SpIDer Gate.
It is meant as a module to scan HTTP traffic. All objects like script, applets during HTTP-traffic are being scanned, so malicious content used to penetrate client systems is "checked. Only scanned and "purified"data reaches the client's browser. Unchecked objects can be skipped, deleted, etc. The new module can be used as an add-on to firewall software to filter HTTP traffic, it can scan mail, it is compatible with any clients software. It does not effect computer's performance in any way, and it can be used as a proxy service.
My question is, is this similar to Avast's Webshield service?


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