Author Topic: Friday update for 12.2.2276 - “You are unprotected!” bug - what happened?  (Read 8070 times)

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Hi ;D

Thanks for the correction and the help too ;)

Don't know if other free and paying anti virus should be so fast to correct with good communication, but i'm pleased to see what Avast did :)

Also, if all forumer can also say thanks when i's working fine, it should be good yoo 8)

Cause when the problem happened, a lot of what complaining also new forumer with bad word....

If you're happy with your free or paying product let them know to a special subject like " Thanks for... "

And if there's problem be cool when you're writing your complain.

When there's such problem as sometime it can happen, it should be fine for all user having a safe system with ghost or Acronis backup.

It doesn't cost a lot, and when some problem just downgrade and run again till the problem is being solved.

I'm not doing advertising for any brand, but that why i used to have.

Sorry for my English if someone don't understand me :o ( French customer )


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