Author Topic: avast! Internet Security with Windows 10 [Incompatibility?]  (Read 971 times)

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I have been using avast ever since v4.7 was out. Never ever had a problem, till now.
Just had a new laptop upgraded to Windows 10 last week. Yesterday, avast was updated. After catching up on a PUP, it suggested and scheduled a Boot Scan.
I went to sleep, and today, it isn't starting at all. There's boot-loop problem in Windows. The laptop first went into Advanced Startup of Windows for some reason, but later just corrupt the whole OS. Nothing else was installed or had been changed on Windows, except for an avast! update and a scheduled boot scan. So I probably think it was because of avast that is not yet fully compatible with Windows 10. I would be losing potential data as I'll have to do a fresh install of the OS. Not here to blame avast, because I think Microsoft is more responsible for bringing out and enforcing something that everyone might take a long while to actually get compatible  with. Keep up the good work avast!, but I would suggest a warning splash screen be placed on avast installations pointing out to the various issues one might possibly face with Windows 10.

Any suggestions, on how I shall proceed after the new OS is installed?


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Re: avast! Internet Security with Windows 10 [Incompatibility?]
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Sorry that you encountered problem with the upgrade to Win10 but Avast is compatible with Win10.  I've been using Avast with Win10 for the past year without any incidence until the recent 'Unprotected' hiccup, FYI.  I'm not sure how to help you with the Windows issue.