Author Topic: Harder to block ads alltogether from android...  (Read 4275 times)

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Harder to block ads alltogether from android...
« on: August 05, 2016, 10:46:35 PM »
We try to block ads, while ads could be mal-ads, even Google cannot guarantee 100% their ads come 100% malware free.
ABP browser is not the way to block all ads, Google-driven ads are left through - so-called ads from Admob.
ABP earns from letting through specific ads large players for which they are being paid.
A way to get around ads is Adguard Content Blocker app playing inside either Yandex Browser app or Samsung Browser App.
Or your last resort is root the Android, which is not a method we would prefer.
Someone know of other methods?

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Re: Harder to block ads alltogether from android...
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2017, 08:17:58 AM »
Sorry this is very late reply but in case you are still interested I know of a few.

Disconnect Malvertising from the makers of the disconnect browser extension/desktop program. This one uses the vpn android settings to create a local vpn to filter out tracking and most of the times the ads as well.

Adclear by Seven. This one works in a smiliar way as Disconnect in that it creates a local vpn for basic but if you want enhanced blocking by whitelisting certain apps you have to install a certificate to do so. This one I liked but it was kinda heavy in my opinion so I didnt spend much time with it as well as I wasnt sure if I could trust them with that certificate installed so I undid all that and removed the app.

The one im currently using is called NetGuard. This one is on the play store but the version you want is actually from github because the one in the play store doesnt let you change or modify the apps hosts file to block ads and tracking. It has its own list but I changed the default to a hosts file within with one on github as well. This one also lets you allow/block apps connecting to either wifi or carrier internet.

I forgot to mention all of these you have to side load on android as google obviously doesnt want most people being able to block ads on their os.