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Offline Mode - Need background updater
« on: August 10, 2016, 01:36:17 AM »
I have the latest (but non-beta) version of Avast Wifi Finder.  I selected it to check for updates and notify when there are 1000+ new hotspots.  Okay, but I have to manually download the update.  I'd rather have it automatic.  There should be the following multi-choice option:

- Manually update (show notification)
- Automatically update (background, no notification)
  * Only when wifi connected.
  * When wifi or data connected.

Some users don't want their data minutes consumed for background updates.  They want background updates only when their smartphone has a wifi connection.  Some folks don't care and want background updates no matter how they are connected to the Internet (via wifi or using cellular data minutes).

Yes, the background update will only happen when the smartphone is connected (wifi or data); however, the user cannot perform the manual download unless they also have an Internet connection.

I grow weary of having to repeatedly get rid of the notification that there are new updates and then have to manually perform the update.  If I'm wifi connected (and ONLY when wifi connected) then do the updates automatically.  Don't nuisance me with them.

If you don't want to add a background wifi or wifi+data updater then offer more choices.  That there are 1000+ updates to your database means little to me.  Rarely does that affect the wifi hotspots in the areas where I travel and obviously has no effect when I'm at home or even when I'm at work.  Provide larger granularity of when the updater will issue a notification, like when there are 5000+ or 10000+ changes.

I really don't want to be bothered with a notification that pollutes the other more important notifications.  This update can ONLY happen when connected to the Internet (wifi or cellular data).  So when the user has Internet access, do  the update automatically.  To prevent interferring with the responsiveness of a web browser (the user might be surfing when connected), throttle the bandwidth consumed by your background updater.  I don't know the Android OS but I assume that it also lets processes be assigned priorities, so run your background updater at low priority so it does not affect the responsiveness of the smartphone.

If you add a background updater, do NOT show a "job complete" status notification.  That would simply replace one nuisance with another.

Updates are great.  Just don't nuisance *me* with notifications about availability and making me do a manual update.

(I saw no mention that the beta versions added a background updater.)