Author Topic: SafeZone browser - tips & tricks for advanced users  (Read 10808 times)

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SafeZone browser - tips & tricks for advanced users
« on: August 10, 2016, 10:32:49 AM »

Here I will collect some helpful tips & tricks. The first post in this topic will be updated regularly. For advanced users only :)

Small SSD disks - How to set custom folder for Cache
1. Make a new folder for the cache on your disk
2. Modify shortcut of the SafeZone browser on your desktop (Shortcut tab - Target field) so it runs this command line: "C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\SZBrowser\launcher.exe" --disk-cache-dir="X:\your_folder_for_cache"    ... replace X with your nonSSD disk letter
3. Use this shortcut for running SafeZone browser
You cannot do it for Bank mode.

Are you a web designer? - How to enable Dev Tools?
1. Run the browser this way: launcher.exe /with-feature:dev-tools
2. In the top right browser menu, More Tools -> Show Developer Menu, then go to this menu and you will see Developer Tools option there. Alternatively you can use classic Inspect Element option in the context menu on a website

How to check that Flash player is installed?
1. Type this into the addressbar: browser://plugins
2. Is Flash player listed there? Is it enabled?
3. Try this test site:
4. We recommend to check Adobe website and verify that you have the latest version of the Flash player
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