Author Topic: VPN Kill Switch in Avast!'s Firewall  (Read 3825 times)

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VPN Kill Switch in Avast!'s Firewall
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:29:03 AM »
I'm an expat, and currently live in the World's fifth most repressive country (perhaps the fourth, I'm not sure).  I've used Avast! since my MS-DOS days - some fifteen, twenty, twenty-five years - I'm using (I've recently upgraded to) 'Avast Prime'.

I LOOSE VPN CONNECTIVITY OFTEN.  My connection breaks.  It's broken, by/thru' the actions of the 'host government'.  AND WHEN IT BREAKS - then information leaks-thru'/past my firewall - thru' Avast! Prime's Firewall.  Where-I-am-information is sucked-out of my browser - it's captured by - in this case - the 'host government'.  (Mind you, AT BEST my Internet connection isn't very good - it's slow, it's unreliable - I can't connect-at-all, outside the 'host country', most of the afternoon, night.  Going under/thru'/past this country's Internet restrictions is very, very difficult.)

So.  Bottom line.  This notion of  a VPN Kill Switch, thru' Avast!, is very important to me.

I've tried - was a subscriber - to SecureLine.  Doesn't meet my critical needs.

I've tried VPNCheck PRO.  Not impressed by it.

This notion of a VPN Kill Switch thru' (as part of) Avast!'s Firewall is very exciting.  I *need* that VPN Kill Switch.  And, ISN'T THAT WHAT A FIREWALL IS FOR? - to control what 'comes in', what 'goes out'?

Two things ...  Note: I need privacy - thru' a VPN, thru' the *safe use* of a VPN - because, where I'm living, people are severely-harmed when they attempt to Internet-travel *outside* this country, into free countries.  This is the truth - it happens - it's a fact of my expat life.

1) It's got to work with/thru' ALL VPN's (needs to be part of the firewall); and

2) it's got to be soon.

Ah.  There's a THIRD 'thing' (perhaps this is obvious) - it needs to work with all supported-versions of Windows.  I don't want to 'fingerprint' myself here - but, I note that Avast! Prime works-with/operates-under from WXP to W10.

Thanks.  I'll check this page often, waiting/hoping for results.

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Re: VPN Kill Switch in Avast!'s Firewall
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2016, 11:15:13 AM »
Please (re)search before posting.
A kill switch is already suggested by others and avast is thinking about adding it already.
Perhaps they even are already working on it.

avast does work on Windows XP and later Windows versions.
avast can only be used on XP if the CPU supports the SSE2 instruction set however.

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Re: VPN Kill Switch in Avast!'s Firewall
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2016, 06:00:54 PM »
Well, an answer.

Mighty kind, mighty kind.

My first five years overseas, I suffered: VPN's weren't as common then as they are now.  And, well, while traveling/living in repressive nations, one NEEDS a VPN.  One that works, you understand ...

My next five years, Stateside - I prepared for my return overseas.

I left The 'States with four working VPN's (about a year ago) - of which, *one* actually works, poorly, here.

Well, that's enough?, yes?  'One' is enough?, yes?

Point is, I have in fact been researching - both on/thru' the Internet *and* In-country, for quite a few years.

'Course, I learned, quickly, during my first tour, to use Avast!: It's simply the best.

I do understand that one can/may use Avast! way-back thru'/to Windows XP.

I note that you have made many, Many, MANY 'posts' in the forum.  I'd guess, then, that you are particularly-knowledgeable regards 'Avast!'.  Good for you, Sir!

Well, that's enough.  You suggest that Avast! Staff may-be-working on this 'issue' RIGHT NOW: The 'issue' of a properly-configured/working/effective Firewall - a Firewall with a VPN Internet Kill Switch.

I'd hope so: I need one.

Probably, most Avast!-users do too!

Again, thanks, and ...

God Bless You.