Author Topic: Passwords on Premier 2016 - can't connect to existing vault for syncing  (Read 1166 times)

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I have AV Premier 2016 installed on my desktop PC and my Surface PC, both on Win 10 64-bit. I want to turn on password synchronization and have followed all instructions mentioned here:
However, when I set up my first device (i.e. my desktop), the procedure has the same appearance as under "Synchronize subsequent devices", not as under "Synchronize the first device". So I get a passcode and the message reading that I should enable the device from "any other device" (as in figure 9 on that page).
When I switch on the Surface tablet, I don't get a dialog window as in figure 10 but the same window as figure 9.
And on my main settings windows > Passwords (the one shown in figure 6) I get the message "until then the app will work without synchronising".

The thing is driving me crazy, I tried several options during the past months and nothing seems to work. Un-/re-installed Passwords several times. I also tried to restore my vault (see fig. 13), but that won't work because I don't remember the passcode for figure 17, I only remember my main password.
So basically, I guess that I need to DELETE the original vault altogether, and create a new one. No hint about how to do that online. Can anyone help me?
thank you in advance
Matteo Cais

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I also need to delete a vault so I can recreate it.....  :-[

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