Author Topic: Avast Wi-Fi Finder security tests and MAC spoofing .  (Read 3711 times)

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Avast Wi-Fi Finder security tests and MAC spoofing .
« on: November 24, 2016, 11:06:22 PM »
Hello!  :) I really love the Avast Wi-Fi Finder for mobile ( I use it on android platform ) Its very pretty User Interface  and very fast 
and seem  accurate as well  :D ...
Its  one of the best apps imho ! 8)
but I was searching for specific tests online to see if it truly works  ;D And I didn't find anything yet :'(. I only found good reviews .
Is there anywhere I could find a demonstration of actual tests of the " Check Security " to see how  it really works to keep my wifi safe ? And how it detects hotspots etc ...does it detects fake hotspots ?
And also i'm very concerned about MAC spoofing and or Router Cloning i'm worried about this can Avast Wifi Finder " Check Security "  It checks for wifi security attacks and passwords how strong they are if it was hacked or not...
will it detect spoofed or clones routers and or  mobile phones ?
Thank you for any  good replies ! ;D
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