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my problems with the beta
« on: December 09, 2016, 08:40:08 PM »

i have one existing problem that still exists in the new beta, the problem is that sometimes when i (re)boot avast IPC between the avast ui and service fails miserably. It won't detect that the service is running and pressing the repair button a few times makes the service hang at stopping service. There is no fix for this the only solution is to reboot my pc once more. I already have a ticket open for more then a month where i submitted dumps crash reports etc using the extra tool but all i got was a reply it got send to the developpers and that no ETA for fix can be given. While being a developper myselve i can understand this but i was kinda wondering .. i can't be the only one facing this problem can i ? So anyone else having that problem ? it's not beta specific since the stable version has this problem as well yet i can't remember having this problem with the free version it only seemed to start happening once i installed the payed pro version as far as i can remember.

It looks like this:

The second problem i'm having is that avast on certain places doesn't seem to detect my internet connectivity because it's displaying messages like this even though my internet works perfectly and avast is NOT blocked by windows firewall this did start happening after installing the beta. One such place is when i press on the button to enable automatic updates for software as show in this screenshot: