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Creative Solutions UltraTax Problem
« on: February 20, 2006, 01:32:19 AM »
Ok, I searched through the forums and did not find an answer, so I'm real curious to see if anyone can assist me.

I'm using Avast Home on 2 of my PC's at home (duh) and I'm having a problem...

PC #1: Windows 2000
PC #2: Windows XP Pro

Essentially all the same software is on both...

I have a program I use called UltraTax that's made by Creative Solutions.  It's essentially used to file people's taxes electronically.  Anyway, I have no problems with the Windows 2000 PC, but I can't output the e-File on the XP machine.  I get an error telling me it can't write the file.

I tried a multitude of combinations and found the only way to get the e-File to work is if I disable the Standard Shield.  Ouch!  I even tried to add the extention of the file to the ignore list (.IUC) and that didn't help either...

Both machines are running the exact same versions of avast and there are no other issues at all.  Neither PC has ever had a virus or a trojan, spyware, etc...  Both PC's have all updates applied to the OS itself.

I even experimented with the XP Firewall and that made no difference, on or off....

Anyway, I hope my explanation is clear.  I'd be really interested to see any suggestions...