Author Topic: HELP! There is something wrong with Avasts Home Network Security Scan.  (Read 2270 times)

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When I run Avasts Home Network Security Scan, the results I get don't make sense. When the scan is complete, it says "We found some issues on your home network." Under the label, "Your Router", it has Arris as the name of my router. It later states that I have a problem with my router by saying, "Your router DEESDYNASTY-PC is accessible from the Internet."
First, "DEESDYNASTY-PC" is the name I gave "my computer", not a router.
Second, I do own a wireless router, but, it's not an Arris, it's a "Belkin".
Third, even though I do own a wireless router, I am "not" using one currently. I am not going through my wireless router (it is not connected) to access the internet. So, why would it even list that there is a problem with my router, saying it is accessible from the Internet, when I am not even using it?
So, you can see, NONE of that makes any sense!
It also states the "Your device is not configured correctly". Avast has "my device" listed as DEESDYNASTY-PC, which is my computer, so not sure what to make of that either.
Please help and explain!
Thank you