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New 'feature' in update
« on: February 07, 2017, 08:22:26 PM »
I have Avast Internet Security
This morning I updated the Program to 17.1.2286 (Build 17.1.3394.0) & the Virus Definitions to 170206-3.

Now when I tap my keyboard's internet key, not only does my main homepage show up, but a 2nd tab also shows up.
Also, I now have a new service on MY computer I did not ask for named aswbIDSAgent.  I read in my Services.msc that it "Provides Identity Protection Against Cyber Crime."

I tried to lookup what this new Service to get more information, but when I try going to any site ( for example) I get a message stating it's a bad site. is NOT a bad site & there are others I can no longer get to.

1. How do I stop the 2nd tab from showing up EVERYTIME I go online?
2. Why is this aswbIDSAgent service blocking legitamite sites?  Do I really need this everytime I use my computer?
3. (Unrelated) why is my link showing up the way it is?