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my Avast Premier has just updated itself to version 17.3.2290 (build 17.3.3442.0).
Immediately after restarting my notebook, it became evident that Avast is continuously resetting the modem/router, so that it’s impossible to get access to internet.
I have tried to identify a specific component as responsible for the problem. But with no result.
Deactivating Avast temporarily I can put the modem at work – and, in this case, everything works fine even after reactivating Avast. But the problem reappear at each restart both of the PC and of the modem (and at one point, during my tests, reactivating Avast became impossible because some components - certainly Web Protection and Real Site - simply didn’t restart, even after restarting the PC, and I have to go back to a Windows Restore Point).

My data:

Avast Premier
Version: 17.3.2290 (build 17.3.3442.0)
Release date: 28/03/2017 (10:45:21)

PC: HP NoteBook 15-AC 617nl
OS: Windows 10 Version 1607

Modem (Wireless): D-Link DSL-2640B (Wireless G ADSL2+ Modem Router)
Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Adapter
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