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Changing up from Avast Free to Pro
« on: February 26, 2017, 01:30:07 AM »
I've had Avast Pro for several years and my wife had Avast Free. Yesterday we installed Pro on her machine too. (Her computer is in a network with mine and uses the same printer via wireless connection) Her OS is Win Vista.

Immediately we had three problems...

1. A Smart Scan reported "NAS Your device is not cofigured correctly. Network is vulnerable. This device has been compromised and your network connections are being routed through a malicious remote DNS server. This device's settings have been changed by an attacker." When I run a Smart Scan on my computer, (same network, same router and ISP), it does not find any problems. Can anyone offer advice on this please?

2. My computer can still get into hers via the network but hers can no longer reach the printer, (which it does list as being in the network.)

3. She was using SafeZone when her AV was Avast Free, but now, with Pro. we cannot get it to remember regularly visited websites.  When rebooting into SafeZone she gets the message, "Your preference files cannot be read. Some features may not be available." Note added later: I've solved this one by adding the URLs she most visits into the start up list. For some reason it does remember those.

Help on any or all of these would be greatly appreciated.

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