Author Topic: Thunderbird 45.7.1; AVAST! 12.3, 2014.9.0.2021; and in between  (Read 1215 times)

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I did search for thunderbird, mozilla, firefox, but only saw 2005 / 2006.
Avast! All free but different versions:

Windows 10 (HORRIBLE) - Avast! 12.3.2, Thunderbird 45.7.1; Windows XP home (as up-to-date as possible) with Avast! 2014.9.0.2021, Thunderbird - WIRED; and WINDOWS XP PRO (as up-to-date as possible) I don't know the Avast! version off hand but can find out. Same for Thunderbird (but it's in the 40's IIRC) (Only the win XP home is wired).

For quite a while, 1 of my 3 POP accounts (it's a sub-account) has been EXTREMELY SLOW getting mail. the progress bar is either blank or it's "checking inbox for new messages"). The other 2 POP accounts (the main one and the other sub account) are slightly better but still VERY SLOW. I also have several IMAPs (gmail and Yahoo) which are okay.

I had another PC (XP PRO as up-to-date as possible) which has same problem (1 sub-account was excessivly slow) and the latest avast! version (I cannot recall which version but it would have been higher > the 2014.9....)

Is there a connection with POP mail, Avast! and Thunderbird?
I did read something online but would rather hear from all of you experts here.

Also, why would this slowness only effect the POPs? (They are all ROGERS.COM) and not effect the IMAPs (@gmail and @yahoo)?

Thank you!
Please Advise!