Author Topic: After using Avast Clear on Win 10 PC shows it as an optional OS to boot!!!  (Read 2030 times)

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After using Avast Clear on a Win  10 PC it now shows it as an optional OS on boot!!!  When I reboot the machine now it stops and asks which OS to boot Windows 10 or AVAST CLEAR UNINSTALL!  Really?    I will not harp on why I am having to uninstall avast from 60 clients computers but his will be the final straw for sure for all the rest of our clients.

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Sorry to hear the issue with Avast Clear.

If you are using a console, you can do a mass uninstall from there.

In Avast for Business (Cloud Console) simply remove the computer from your group and it will uninstall at the next checkin

For Avast Enterprise Admin, create a Deployment task and choose the type to uninstall managed products
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