Author Topic: scheduled scan disappearing after update  (Read 755 times)

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scheduled scan disappearing after update
« on: March 04, 2017, 12:21:08 AM »
This did happen before AND i did post this here to help Avast sorting this out and fixing it. (see

Then i did wait for 6 weeks and tried the newer version: still the same behavior... i am very disappointed now.

I guess, Avast doesnt really need happy customers, as all they need is user data AND priviledged access to all the PC's thus providing one of the largest botnets at will and a weapon in terms of international internet wars. Thank you.

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Re: scheduled scan disappearing after update
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2017, 04:17:05 AM »
avast doesn't need nor collects data of the user and they don't need access to your system(s).