Author Topic: how do i copy all my PWs: Had to create new user account to fix keychain issue  (Read 6776 times)

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Need to transfer/copy all my Avast passwords from my original user account to my new/fixed user account (it's on the same iMac but I kept having those weird mac keychain bugs & issues that cause popups every 2 seconds!)

I can't figure out how to get my old passwords into my new one to/from avast ??

Restore apparently not available on macs? What? All but mac?

HELP please!!!!!  :-\


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you simply turn on Synchronization on the first account (you will find it in Settings) and then turn it on on the second (you will need to approve it from the first account). Then you should have all of your passwords in sync between those two accounts.
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see below
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I did do this early on this but it does not work on my iMac os X 10.x.

I SHOULD SAY: I've tried doing this, but it won't work (or I can't figure it out). just won't do it.

I keep getting communication error popups/won't connect to server. I forgot to move the screenshot from the other account over to the new one so I could show you. I found the restore link email, but nothing happened with that link either.


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Is Avast Passwords still running in the first user account? If so try killing the application in the first account and repeating the synchronisation process in your new user account.

When killing the application on the first (old) user account, you should make sure the application is completely terminated and is not set to run in the background.

Let me know if you have any issues

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The same thing happens to me, I can not enter my password