Author Topic: Running Avast Business Web Scanning along with Webroot Web Extension  (Read 1624 times)

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I am running Webroot Anywhere as a second layer of protection.  How do I make one work with the other as far as Browser extensions concern?   Noticed extension issues in Chrome and IE.  Is there a way to turn off and control to some extent the Avast extension? I would prefer the Webroot extension for the reputation.  Having checked a few computers, I noticed some work fine with both reputation colors showing.  Webroot at the left and Avast at the right of a search.  I noticed a few issues this week and I am wondering if Avast may have made changes that affects this area.  I found Chrome working best.  On one computer I noticed that the Avast extension was crashing and turning off.  Before a week ago, I had no problem running the two AV solutions together. Any input would be appreciated greatly.  Thanks  :)
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