Author Topic: Avast 17.2.2288 cpu 100% with avast ui and avast services.  (Read 1437 times)

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Avast 17.2.2288 cpu 100% with avast ui and avast services.
« on: March 16, 2017, 08:55:43 PM »
 Avast updated from version 12.3.2280 to Version 17.2.2288 even the the program update in settings is set to manual. This has happened to me before, and was found out to be done by avast through the backdoor of virus definition updates.

 Two different parts of avast where clamoring for 100% of the cpu, avast ui, and avast services. This was like doing a permanent stress test on my cpu. It was worse than a memory leak, or having virus malware. It bricked my laptop charger, and may have impacted the battery.

 But fool me once, I uninstalled avast in safe mode with avastclear, and used revo uninstaller, and the avast folder was gone. So I did a clean installation, to see if installing through avast was the problem; but fool me twice, it occurred again, with the consequences listed above.

 I have read another post of version 17.1.2286 having high cpu, and that it may be a software conflict.
I am going to watch avast now, as was when it happened, my comodo hips did catch avast internally updating, even though the program update was set to manual. but as had happened in previous versions of avast, I thought this was forced version obsolescence, and program updates through the virus definitions update, and I did not want to fight it.

 I am back on version 12.3.2288, and am hoping there is no forced update, or that comodo hips can "hold" it, but it causes a concernment.

 Any ideas, suggestions? PS, I forget the name of the avast employee who confirmed previous iterations of avast automatic forced updates through the virus definitions, with forced obsolescence of avast versions, but I hope they reply, and can say what is occurring.

 I will have to uninstall avast and install 360 security if the high cpu forced update occurs.