Author Topic: [FEATURE REQUEST] Please add "IGNORE" option to the Virus Warning dialogue  (Read 969 times)

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I've encounter many times where avast finds a false detection and It keeps on coming up with the Virus warning message Which is very annoying When you have to move the false positive to the Virus chest then restoring it and adding an exclusion (Sometimes it fails to move the false positive to the chest and it's stuck there with the Popup) This is message to the developers PLEASE ADD A BUTTON "IGNORE & ADD TO EXCLUSIONS FOR THE VIRUS WARNING"

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This has been asked for on many occasions and avast haven't included as the risk of accidental use could have serious consequences. Avast consider that exclusions should be a deliberate act, so no accidental use. For those that are sent to the virus chest there is a single action (in the later avast versions) to restore and exclude in one action. I'm an avast user not an avast employee, but I do agree with their looking after the less experienced user.

For those that aren't sent to the virus chest, it rather depends on what they are, what your settings are and what the detection is.

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why not send file to avast lab so detection can be fixed  >>