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Re: Online vs offline installer
« Reply #15 on: December 11, 2022, 12:43:16 AM »
Of course there is a difference, as you yourself point out just one.
Points you don't mention#;
1.  if you already have an AV (other than avast) you don't want to use the on-line installer as this would be trying to install avast on a system that already has an AV. Potential for conflict.

Bumping this five-year-old thread because I want to ask: does "AV other than Avast" include Microsoft Defender? I've never used the offline installer and anytime I've had to install Avast I used the online installer (since that's the one that it gives you from their website), and It doesn't appear to conflict with Defender - it just turns off Defender (or at least the real-time functions) and Windows Security will recognize Avast as the computer's main AV.

I know the initial post is from 2017 which is when a lot of people were still using Windows 7 and therefore Third-party antivirus like Norton and McAfee were a lot more widely used than now, so I wanted to make sure. I haven't noticed any issues with using the Online installer while Defender was still active, but perhaps for future use it's good to know.
Start your own topic. Reviving a 5 year old topic makes no sense.
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