Author Topic: AV settings p-word not recognized & miss'g boot time scan reports  (Read 4657 times)

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W7P clean install included Avast Free (custom install), ref. chose only web protection, file protection and e-mail protection, however the boot time scan report failed to be produced, plus no indication in scan history that such had occurred, then the password for Avast settings, was not recognized. Uninstalled Avast, wiped every record possibly to be found for Avast (multiple sourced search involved there, so confident 99.99% Avast files deleted). Reinstalled Avast Free (same as before), set it up same as before, did not find to date, a recurrence of the un-recognized 'settings' password, however same as before, again no record of boot time scan. Even tried repair option for Avast, even disco'd all devices (EHD, flash drive, emptied JMRC slot of the SD card) and still the boot-time DOS-like window proceeded as usual, taking an hr or so to 'reportedly' scan the 404,000 plus files, then upon the auto re-boot or restart of Windows, nothing, no scan report produced at startup, no scan history of such a scan and again, no boot time scan report. And yes I've set the scan logging for Zero, reportedly meaning no maximum scan report size limitation. This is becoming unacceptable, free AV or not, no?.  Proceeding to one last time, uninstall Avast, re-boot, scan with Spybot and ccleaner, then again, last time, re-install Avast and if no boot time scan report, well, you know what anyone would do then.  Advanced kudos if affording resolution, especially since neither issue seems addressed to date on the Avast Forums.
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