Author Topic: Noticing significant reduction in internet speed while connected to VPN  (Read 4295 times)

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I know that there will be a reduction in speed while connected to a vpn but I am dropping from and average of 60Mbps down to 3Mbps second. Is that normal or excessive. I have run tests while connecting to 'Optimal' as well as the Chicago, IL location (as that is the one closest to me).

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  we will try to investigate the issue with Chicago location setup. Could you please try to connect to New York and let us know if it performs better for you?

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A server closer to you doesn't mean it will be faster.
e.g. there can be a huge amount of people trying to use it at the same time, while a server on the other side of the world might not be used at all.
Last one will likely give a much better speed.

And with nowadays speeds on the backbone of the Internet, it is unlikely you will notice any speed difference caused by the distance to a server.

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We have identified an issue with Chicago location causing this dramatic speed reduction. We are working on it and will update here once it is fixed. Meanwhile please use other location if you need a better speed. Thanks for reporting!


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Hi Martin,

I tried New York as well on the data I submitted the post with a similar reduction in speed. I will test Chicago again when I get home from work and update with my findings. Thanks for the quick original response.