Author Topic: Avast context manager disables email from scanner and desktop  (Read 1105 times)

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In case you ever run into this problem....I like to save files to my desktop and email them but it stopped working

PROBLEM ---send to (mail) right click context menu for desktop icons stopped working and my brother scanner ControlCenter4 stopped letting me email from it too

Downloaded ShellExView & chose hide Microsoft items

Went to context handlers  - had 4--- Avast, Dropbox, NVIDIA, Spybot but Avast was the most recent so it was the culprit

Disabled avast context handler & then restored it again, then using Control +E ( = restart explorer)

Desktop disappeared so I restarted and it works fine now I can email an item on desktop

I'm going to send Avast a nasty note.  I spent 2 hours on this.  YUK