Author Topic: Avast Passwords is interfering with Avast performance and customer satisfaction  (Read 2086 times)

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Avast's latest upsell mechanisms have me looking for other anti-virus. They have a used car sales approach that is a total turnoff. It kills me to see a message from a brand I have trusted for many many years to send me a message saying I found 3 weak passwords or any passwords - then not identify the problem unless I pay.

I would like to see what they claim to have found and judge for myself if Avast passwords is correct.  If I like their advice, I would pay for it, but I find this "I know a secret about your computer, but it will cost you to know the secret" as destroying the trust I have developed in the Avast.

If I trust you enough to let you scan my computer, please have the decently to tell me what you found in detail and let me decide if I want to pay you to fix, monitor or improve.

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- Do you have the latest version of avast?
- can you show a snapshot.
- is your version paid?

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I have paid for the Premier version and my Password will not work.  I have it written down in a log book for crying out loud and there is NO viable way to contact them for a Human Contact  to solve this royal pain in the ass !!!!!!!!!!!!

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This has nothing to do with avast passwords.
It is CleanUp (smart scan) that is giving the message.