Author Topic: avast Secure Line wont load and My avast premier disappears when i try to open  (Read 1711 times)

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since my purchase of Avast Secure line. I have nothing but trouble.the VPN works hoever when I start my computer and try to get my vpn online avast premier and secure line disappear from my comluter screen

I have to do a hard close uninstall avast completely and vpn and the restart my computer then re install. this will work for a day or two then I need to repeat

and when avast doesload it dsoes not allow my to data schred or run a scan in fact I can do nothing I get a white screen and nothong

I have been an avast user and customer for years and if this was going to be something avast knew ahead of time they may have warned me that secure line would disprupt my virus protection and put my data and computer at risl.

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