Author Topic: Sent ticket, but it has been a week with no response about a refund?  (Read 1832 times)

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Hello all,
Does anyone know how long the processing step may take for a full refund? My problem is that I duplicated my order 3x, which I simply want a full refund for the 2 orders I made on error. One other thing is that when I made my purchase online for a "clean up" it would redirect me to a blank page making me assume that my payment was no good or did not make it through. The only confirmation I was able to find was when I had check my E-mail & notice I had made multiple purchases. As upset as I was, I already submitted a ticket but it has been over a week with no response or reply to my concerns.

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Please (re)search before posting.

The answer has been given many times already.
It currently takes (roughly) 5 - 10 business days.


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Another question, the options that was given when submitting a ticket, was that I couldn't enter multiple orders #, in another case does that mean that I would have to submit a ticket for every other order?.. . Thank you
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No, we have your message where you indicate the order numbers to be refunded. It should be completed today.


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Thank you for answering my much needed questions.