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AGP slot prob?
« on: March 30, 2006, 07:05:47 AM »
Hi every one,

Long time was not here in forms of avast..

today i really need help.I got prob with my system it slows down/frezzs,does not shut down or restart.This is not the prob of the O.S it is is prob with the hardware..I have dobt it is the prob with the AGP slot of VGA card...I have two vga card both ar working vga card i have spare...i have tried both the vga cards...but after some when i work with my goes to 100% cpu usage..I have check that in task bar in process tab it shows..SYSTEM IS GOING TO 80-100%.And i have noticed that when i insert my Vga card in my AGP don't deduct the card.And again i remove the card and inset it properly..then it works.I even tried to boot bart PE( I am sure some of u know this appicaltion)there is no need of the h.d.d to be connected.I have really removed the h..d.d still it shows 100 cpu usage...

So what u guys say abt it?Is it the prob of AGP slot...i guess so

I am having both Nvida cards one is 32mb card and other is mx 4000 of 128mb card.My system is p-4 1.7 ghz

My system is 4 years old...may it's time to put a PCI VGA card..hope that works?

PLS reply urgently..

Wht these people closed off's sad.