Author Topic: What is wrong with Avast these days!? Avast blocking all internet connection.  (Read 6382 times)

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First the false positive fiasco a couple of months ago where Avast had a massive wave of false positives and auto deleting peoples files.

And now after yesterday's update. Avast is blocking all internet connection.

Honestly what is happening to this company? You guys uses to be the best Antivirus company with absolutely no hassle, little to no pop ups, great interface, smooth on the fly database and client patching without having to restart the computer, with little to no problems... I have been using avast since late 2013... and never had a single problem with avast until this year, so many annoying pop ups now, the automatic client update constantly is breaks avast, and the number of false positives is basically off the charts compared to before.

Is this AVG's fault? Cause honestly I use to use AVG from 2009 to 2013 before I switch to avast. AVG progressively got worse and worse with the false positives, the once pretty interface became some ugly bloated metro design, and so many pop ups. With the new Avast interface, it now looks like the crappy AVG metro interface with just avast logo on it...

Honestly with how frequently these problems keep happening this year it is really making you lose all your reputation.
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Oh my that bad? I also thought it's reputable, but now run into problems with renewing but no tech support get back to me. I'm uninstalling way too hassling

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If you have created a ticket, support sure will get back to you.
avast is currently changing the licensing system as well as the ticket system.
That is causing a delay in the handling time and can cause some other problems.

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Who is affected, please provide file version information for these files

"c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\aswStreamFilter.dll"


To obtain the information, please just click on the file by right mouse and then select properties and Details Tab.

Provide screenshot or value of the FileVersion line.

Additionally, when you perform reboot of the computer, the problem persist or not ?

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you so much.

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Hello everyone,

We were able to identify and fix the internet connectivity issue that occurred after the latest Avast 17.4 update.

The fix is being distributed via a micro-update to Avast Web Shield.

To download the fix, please follow these steps:
  • Turn OFF Avast Web Shield (internet connectivity will start working)
      - In UI go to Protection > Antivirus and turn Web Shield OFF or
      - Right-click the Avast tray icon > Avast shields control > Disable permanently (to turn OFF all shields)
  • Go to your Avast installation folder - usually "C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast"
  • Run (double-click) AvEmUpdate.exe and confirm the UAC prompt
  • Avast will now silently apply the fix
  • Wait for about 5 minutes
  • Restart your computer
  • Turn Web Shield (or all shields) back ON
  • You are now again connected to the internet and protected
Thank you for your patience and your help in resolving this issue.

Sincere apologies,
Avast team