Author Topic: Pop-up adware link to avoid on this website (and others for that matter).  (Read 1100 times)

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What link is malware, well it is:
Where we saw it flagged:

Read here:

See: -  interaction with form.js
Errors in the adware malcode
  error: undefined variable Image
     error: ./pre.js:249: TypeError: Image is not a constructor 
line:6: TypeError: Image is not a constructor
Because object is overriding the default constructor! info credits StackOverflow's Arun P. Johny.

Here the whole issue is not being flagged and could it be avast only detects in PUP-mode? Re:

Quttera detects further two suspicious files in -/templets/default/style/jquer.js with
Detected potentially suspicious initialization of function pointer to JavaScript method write <code> __tmpvar257594717 = write; <code/>
No javascript errors there apparently.

Here an all green? ->

Two warnings here:  We performed this scan as China is known as a Microsoft-IIS webserver mono-culture in this case two warnings - server info proliferation as the address you entered is unnecessarily exposing the following response headers which divulge its choice of web platform:

Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
Configuring the application to not return unnecessary headers keeps this information silent and makes it significantly more difficult to identify the underlying frameworks.

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