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Hi from Richmond VA where the problems are abound this morning  :(  Right out the gate, I have to say, I LOVE Avast! and believe there is ABSOLUTELY not one thing on the market that's better!!! I've even swung die hard clients :-\ from AVG (of which I was one as well) to avast and all are thrilled with the protection it offers. ;D

I'm at a lost and hoping you guys have the answers.  Here is a rundown of what I know my system contains.  I'm sorry I don't know about the motherboard, etc.

My OS is Win2000/Pro, AMD processor, not sure of the speed as this was just recently put together for me from "bare bones."  What I do know as told to me, "Red, its definitely a bit above a Petinum III processor."  No modem at all, only ethernet card as I have DSL.  2 separate and not partitioned hard drives as I'm a writer and 1 is designated for that purpose only while, of course, c: drive is used for everything else.  It was to have been an external harddrive but from some reason was made internal.  A CD-R not RW as I thought it would be but who's complaining, I'm thrilled to have a working computer again AND it was FREE!! :o 8)  I'm using a standard 3 button mouse with no installed info on the computer. 256 MB RAM-sure wanted more but again its free--6.0 GB on hard drive which on c: I have 4.67 free and d: drive (the book drive) still has 6.0 GB appear

Having said all that, here comes the problem I'm now experiencing since yesterday:

1.  First thing installed was my Avast Home Edition 4.6--ran scan. no sweat - worked like a dream.
2.  Ran all updates for my Win2000/Pro Edition-again, no problems encountered.

3.  Downloaded and installed Spyware Doctor**NOTE:  This is the initial start of the problem I believe.  It would freeze way more than it should and wouldn't launch from the system tray icon, I performed a "fix" as instructed and its been working great ever since**

**NOTE:  This just happened, a message appeared that advised:  "You are running low on virtual memory.  Some applications may not....something, something, didn't get it all and it wouldn't let me copy and paste but thought I'd better put that in here now for you.  I want you to have as clear a pix as possible as to what is going on.**

4.  Next downloaded and installed "Windows Defender Beta 2" version.  Had a horrible time getting it to install.  Found a "fix" to an error msg. regarding system requiring GDI+.  This was resolved, I thought it installed perfectly but found in the system tray, its icon.  The icon was "grayed out."  I'm now getting ready to remove this software.  It seems to be more trouble than its worth for what its suppose to do.  If you disagree, please advise.

5.  Next, ran my Avast! found -zero- infections, etc. - ran perfectly - no sweat! ;)

6.  Last night, after researching a lot, I thought for additional protection, I would download and install, Lavasoft's Ad Aware SE Personal, version 1.06. ran the scan, it found 16 "low threats" and they were quarantined but not removed.

7.  The last 2 things and giving all to you in order was my MSN and Yahoo Messenger, all working perfectly.

7.  NOW, here it comes.  I ran my avast last night around 2300 hours and all went fine.  I had set "Defender" to scan @ 0100, so no conflict.  Here is what I found in the log viewer under the heading:  >:( ERROR

Date & Time - System - Application: 496 - AAVM initialization error:  Unhandled exception in Aavmp... can't get the rest to show in order to complete the error message for you.

ALSO, and I'm hoping you can tell me where I can find this.  My niece who now lives with me left a note this morning that read:  "Left up results of virus scan.  Ad ware files conflict with avast."  Sure enough I was seeing a boatload of results basically all reading the same with wording of WINNT/Lavasoft. 

I accidentally click the x and closed it and cannot remember the terminology used.  I ran another scan hoping it would again appear.  However, my scan ran for over 1 hour 32 mins when just last night it took only 39 mins as I timed it.  All the programs as I've described that are now installed were on the system EXCEPT for the Ad Ware from Lavasoft.

Are you aware of any conflict between my home version of Avast! and Lavasoft's Ad Aware SE Program or any reported conflicts with any programs you see I've downloaded and installed? 

Could the order the software was downloaded and installed have anything to do with this?  The only program that didn't properly download and installed, even after the "fix" was Windows Defender Beta2.  Remember the grayed out icon in the system tray?  I've always been under the impression an installation is not correct or a portion of it didn't make it in the install should the icon be grayed out?

Does any of this sound familiar with your experience?  Has anything been reported to y'all that could apply to my situation?  Could you advise (FREE) software such as yours that would be a good combination for computer security?  I'd be forever grateful. 

I'm so at a loss as to what I can do.  I thought I knew about computers--I don't know squat and definitely need your help.  I'm a newbie writer but I wouldn't even consider getting started with my new book as long as I'm not sure my computer is protected and safe.

I look forward to hearing and learning from you soon.  Thank you so very much.

Have a good one!


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Hi Red,

Avast! and Ad Aware should run fine together.

The problem may be the low memory which would be made that much worse with Windows Defender (its pretty memory intensive).  Have you followed through with your idea about uninstalling it and, if so, has that helped?

Also, although I haven't used Spyware Doctor I wonder if its "free to scan/pay to remove" approach to spyware is worthwhile.

The "standard approach", if there is such a thing, to adware/spyware prevention and removal is Ad Aware, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Spyware Blaster.  All are free, well respected, and have a proven track record for compatibility with avast!.


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Thank you so much for replying so quickly. ;D  and Yep, I did remove the Defender from the control panel and did not reinstall it. To tell you the truth, after performing the "fix" regarding Spyware Doctor not launching from the icon AND removing Defender, I thought my troubles were over...not so fast Red!

I then went to PCPitstop and ran a scan.  Defrag was a major issue and of course I forgot about that being a "new" computer, at least to me :D  Performed the defrag, did again install the Spyware Doctor because like a dummy I purchased the software.  I swear Mauserme, after doing so much research concerning it, I truly thought this was the best route to go.  I guess that's how we learn, huh? :'(  I'm thinking seriously about chucking the software purchase and going with Spyware Blaster.

At this point, I'm not thinking about the money spent on Spyware Doctor although I should.  What my primary concern is the fact I really need to get rolling on my book.  Truth be told, I'm terrified I could lose everything like I did before when the older system just went belly up.

Mauserme, is there anyway to find out, perhaps previous testing, not sure, concerning the compatibility of Spyware Doctor with Avast?  Can a request be made to have it tested?  How do those things work?  To be quite honest, it seems to be working great with Avast since the Defender wasn't reinstall. 

Now, check this out:  Last night, the following appeared and please forgive the verbage as I don't remember the exact wording but sure you're familiar with it:

"Windows has detected low virtual memory.  Use of some applications will be denied."

Could this possibly have anything to do with my avast reinstallation or do you think (which frankly, I do) Windows Defender program caused this?  Can it be fixed?

In this system, I now have a CD Burner, which I'll be learning, never EVER used one before which has the Nero program.  I also have a completely separate drive (D:) for the book's research information, pix, manuscripts, etc.  Having said that, here's another question for you:

My Avast covers EVERYTHING on my computer-- C,D, drives etc right? I'm asking this because of the fact that they are not shared drives and to the best of my knowledge are not partitioned either.  Both my c and d drives only have 6GB each not much granted but I'm hoping that I can do more than 1 book utilizing d: drive only. What are your thoughts on this?

I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and helping me.  I'm looking forward to  learning more from you.

Have a good one!


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 :)  Hi Red :

     You seem inclined installing "beta" and/or brand new
     "version(s)", like the week-old Spyware Doctor. From my
      experience, Ad-Aware combined with SpywareBlaster from do what Spyware Doctor does,
     so I feel you do not need Spyware Doctor.
     Have seen no mention of a firewall, free or otherwise !?
     As to your Ad-Aware scans, if those 16 "low-threat"
     are only ( tracking ) cookies and/or Alexa, they can be
     deleted without the need of "quarantine".

     And to "complement" antivirus & antispyware protection,
     should have "Ewido" from ; this
     program "specializes" in trojan, worm, etc detection &
     removal that the other 2 "categories" are not as strong.
     There is a tutorial at .


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like a dummy I purchased the software. I swear Mauserme, after doing so much research concerning it, I truly thought this was the best route to go.
Hi Red,

I'm not saying Spyware Doctor is a bad program - just not the route I've taken.  I did a quick forum search on Spyware Doctor and found that there are quite a few users but nothing about any serious compatibility problems (just a few update issues, etc).  Since you've already made the purchase and it seems to be running well now, it makes sense to stick with it for awhile.  If you find over time you like it, keep it.  If not you can always unistall it later.

Truth be told, I'm terrified I could lose everything like I did before when the older system just went belly up.

You need to run regular back ups.  There is no program or comination of programs that can give you a 100% safety guarantee, so protect your work by backing up with that cd burner.

Now, check this out: Last night, the following appeared and please forgive the verbage as I don't remember the exact wording but sure you're familiar with it:

"Windows has detected low virtual memory. Use of some applications will be denied."

I'm not sure if you mean you still get this error after removing Windows Defender.  If you do, you might need to install more ram depending on the other programs you are running.

My Avast covers EVERYTHING on my computer-- C,D, drives etc right?

Avast! will look at files you open from any drive.  You can also set the on-demand scan for any or all drives.

Both my c and d drives only have 6GB each not much granted but I'm hoping that I can do more than 1 book utilizing d: drive only. What are your thoughts on this?

That's going to depend on the length of the book, amount of graphics, etc.  Pure text will take a lot less space than a book that's illustrated.  If you find storage getting tight you could try an external hard drive assuming you have a free usb port, or you could install a larger d: drive (its not hard at all).

By the way, what Spiritsongs said about Ewido and a firewall is good advice.  Zone Alarm Free is one of the easiest firewalls to set up, though they all take a little patience.

And you know, once you're published I'll need to get a signed edition.


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Hi Red,
Regarding your memory issues, I had a AMD Duron with processor speed of 1100 and 250 MB Ram, Windows 98SE and ran Avast, Ad Aware, Spyware Doctor, and Spybot Search and Destroy, along with a Sygate 5.5 Firewall. I can recall during scanning with Avast mainly, that I would run out of memory and the program would crawl and then freeze. These weren't the only programs on the system, There were others that would run at startup, and sit in the memory waiting to be started.
I found this little gem and loaded it in.
What a difference! And there is a Free version. You can tweak things up with it , but the help file is minimal and you will have to feel you way with it.
To begin with leave the Memory Manager on it's Default setting and see how things run. 
In the main Interface, under General click Fast Options, then More Options, and where it says System Tray Support, click  Digits, Save on your way out and you will see a Icon in your system tray displaying the amount of current ram. As you use your programs you will be able to see how much is available from your 250MB. When it gets below 5% this little beauty will force a clean up and make more available to the program. See if this is of any help. You could try Win Patrol also, uses minimal system resources and don't need to scan.  Get it here


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Hey gang,
Wow Wulf, love that idea!  Thank you so much.  As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to be heading to that site right away! ;) Mauserme and Spiritsongs, thank you so very much for the time you've invested in helping me. :)

I know I'm a new writer coming out the gate, but I swear to y'all, sometimes there just aren't enough words or the proper ones to convey how much something means--case in point is right here! I've put off doing anything, except long hand that is, regarding the book until I was absolutely sure, in my mind and with y'all's expertise, my new baby was up to snuff so to speak. 

I've had 2 very old computers to go belly up on me and STILL containing partial manuscripts. :o  Ironically, the entire time I thought I was completely protected.  How wrong I was! :'(  Thanks to you guys, I've got my confidence back and as soon as these babies are downloaded and installed, I'm going to wait just a bit longer and make sure all are working properly.  Then its time for Red to rock 'n roll and get back to work!! Woohoo!! I can hardly wait--no lie!  One last thing:   Its a safe bet that if these new installations don't act right, I'm coming back to the "Varsity Squad!"  ;) :) 

Again, thank you all so very much for your time, effort, and caring.  ;D !!YOU ROCK!! ;D


P.S. Hey "M", considered that signed book a done deal! ;)  As soon as this baby is finished and being printed, we're gonna hook up!  I hope you like a little comedy, a little romance,  and a WHOLE LOT of crazy from a "Southern born and bred Redhead!"


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Hey gang,
I never thought I'd be back this quick but.....I've just heard something and I've found nothing on it.  Are any of you familiar with either the Home Avast! having a firewall or is this something in the works?

Wulf, I've downloaded the FAST Defrag and love it!  Thanks for the heads up on that one bud!  It rocks!

Spiritsong, I forgot to address about the firewall issue in my earlier post and you're right.  I don't have one but am looking for one right now as we speak...Zone Alarm to be exact.   I've looked at the ewido, liked what I saw and am now getting ready to install it.  Thanks as well for those two references.

Any other advice anyone can add to what I've been given, I'd be forever grateful.  Again, thank you to all who have helped me with my issues.

Take Care.

Have a good one!


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Neither Avast Home nor Avast Pro have a firewall. It has Web Shield but that is not a firewall.

ZA Free is considered to be the easiest to learn and can be downloaded here ......


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avast doesn't have a firewall, but the Network Shield provides limited protection on known exploits for viruses such as sasser, blaster, etc. Zone Alarm free is fine and works well with avast, it isn't the best, but it does have a friendly user interface and requires little manual set-up and as such is a good choice for a first firewall.

This has been previously discussed about avast making a firewall product, whilst there was nothing planned in the near future, it wasn't ruled out.

However what many on the forums don't want to see is avast turn into a bloated software suite.
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 ;DHi Red,
Glad to of been able to help. :)
Re Firewall: Avast as DavidR has kindly pointed out, doesn't have one. Many people mistakenly think of the Network shield as one because it can intercept virus, worms, and DCOM EXPLOIT attacks from the Internet. It however can not control what applications can enter or leave your computer. That is what a firewall like  CharleyO's Zone Alarm will do. It's a good Firewall but a known resource hog and if you find it's using too much memory on your computer, you could try this one. It uses minimal resources and has good USER reviews. It's also free with regular updates. Good Luck. ;D


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First, I want to thank everyone who has made additional posts to help me with my issues.  I haven't been able to post for a few days as a nasty virus basically knocked me on my  *&^* get my meaning, right?  In short, I lost 10 lbs in 24 hours! Not so bad when you think, its a start on getting ready for that 2-piece bathing suit I've been looking at! ;) ;D

Being as I'm better, my first question to you would be:
Remember my keyword in a previous post "Varsity Team" Well guess what, here we go again?  What the  ??? is going on now?   :'( :o :'(

When I first downloaded my Avast  and activated it to scan, she ran like a dream.  It updates fine, no problem--even now. After reading 22,674 files, its freezing.  Having read a previous post, found by a search, I wish I had copied down the location of where my system was "freezing"--unfortunately, I didn't.  It has required a "hard boot" big time!  The  task manager, mouse cursor, nothing would move. 

I did download the "Ewido" and "Fast Defrag" Programs--and love them.  However, when my baby froze again, (just like it did on my 2 earlier systems), I removed everything that was a "new" installation.  I again ran my Avast! and she froze again.  I assure you I'm a tad bit smarter than I appear here, just getting my sealegs again, and didn't copy the location of the freeze. ::) :-[ :'(  pretty dumb, I know!  Would you like for me to perform another one and get the location for you?  If so, no sweat! ;)

From the same searched post, I found a "Trend Micro - Free online scan" suggested and ran it.  Thank goodness it came up with nothing, all's fine with my baby--she came back clean as a whistle!

What's going on gang and what do you suggest?
Have I done something wrong that needs to be fixed?

Because I really liked both Ewido and Free Defrag am I going to be able to reinstall them?  Nothing has come up again as in "loss of virtual memory" etc--at least not so far :-\

To be perfectly blunt, there isn't anything on this system that would take up a lot of space that I'm aware of.  I've installed no pix, graphics, nada especially nada on the book and thank goodness I haven't yet.

I do have one question that has my curiosity going not to mention causing quite a few chest pains lately and shortness of breath, OK just kidding,  ;D Here's my concern:

As long as my blue avast icon in the system tray is "turning" and reads "7 providers total, 6 running" is my system protected?  I know what you're thinking, why not all 7 running perhaps?  If you are, I have not a clue on this planet to know how to be able to give you the answer.  You know me--would definitely need instruction on that one gang

Also, I've noticed when I'm on THIS site, the avast icon "DOES NOT" turn, is that significant?  Is that something I should be concerned about?  Is my system still protected?

As always, thanks Team for the help.  I'll be standing right here on the 50-yard line waiting for the Coach to send in the next play.



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 :)  Hi Red :

      Did you download, then install the "new" Windows
      Update(s) that came out a few days ago ? I ask because
      1 or 2 of them appear to be "flawed" and there are reports
      on various forums of problem(s) with them, which MAY be
      causing your problem(s) .
      What was the name of that nasty "virus" you say you
      had ?

      P.S. The "turning/not turning" of the Avast icon is the
             same as I experience, as well as the Provider #s .


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Thanks for responding my friend.  Interesting point and something I'm going to be checking on right now.  I'll be coming back here and let y'all know what I found.

As far as the "virus" Spirit, I was lucky the "Trend-Micro" scan that was suggested on a previous post here on Avast's forum didn't produce baby came back clean as a whistle.

By the way, do you know if the turning/not turning of the Avast blue system tray icon is a probem when we're on Avast's site?  How about when we're not?

As always, thanks to y'all in advance,

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By the way, do you know if the turning/not turning of the Avast blue system tray icon is a probem when we're on Avast's site?  How about when we're not?

Yo Red the Sys tray Avast Icon (ball) should spin as you go from website to website
Webshiled doing It's thing no problems from here
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