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Hello everyone,
today is the day when we are releasing another beta version of the new on-premise Avast Business Management Console.
What's new?
  • New 3 antivirus tiers that you can apply to your devices. These editions are designed to address specific needs: Antivirus protection / Data protection / Identity protection. Here is the overview of what components are included in which edition.

    These 3 editions of antivirus can be combined within one account/console. So compared to AfB where you can have only one type of license to all devices, now you will be able e.g. to buy 10 Antivirus for a workstation, 1x Antivirus Pro for your Exchange server and 5x Antivirus Pro Plus for your sales team who are working remotely and therefore SecureLine might be good for them. You can control all of them within one account/console - no need to create another one. During the activation of the newly added device or directly on the device detail you can tell which of all your available editions you want to assign to the device. You can change assigned edition whenever you want.
  • Beta version of Win AV 17.5 is included
  • Now you can control installation/uninstallation of AV components via settings template. (Same like in AfB)

Known bugs / limitation
  • “Agent” is digitally signed by AVG
  • Update of the previous beta to this one doesn't work, you have to make clear installation of the console and then reinstall even clients.
  • Only “Start Trial” billing functionality works, any other features (e.g. Buy now, Renew license) are not yet available
    • “License expired” header shown immediately after application of a licence
    • At the moment no way to renew license
  • 3 restarts are needed for newly added device in order to works properly
  • SecureLine and Avast Passwords not available yet
  • Client still shows “Fix all” button
  • Mirror feature still unavailable for Mac AV
  • Upload licence file widget is obsolete and will be removed
  • After installation of AV you will see a dialog informing that UI failed to load. You can ignore this dialog as UI works as expected.

What has been fixed
  • Security fixes
  • The Agent has been rebranded from AVG to Avast brand
  • Minor UI bugs - you might have not noticed them but we’ve fixed them anyway

Where to get installer?
Please note: This is not an antivirus installer. You are about to install a solution for management of your devices,
a management console through which you will be able to download and install the antivirus.

Step1. Choose a console type
  • Docker image - available via Docker hub
    • This type is multi-platform and requires more advanced IT admin skills
    • Follow the instructions on how to run the console
  • Windows installer - available to download here
    • Open the .exe file and go through all the installation steps
    • We are highly recommend install into Virtual Machine or test environment

Step2. Get your trial license [UPDATED PROCESS]
  • Genereta your trial license (choose one the the product, the rest of them can be started directly from the console later on)
  • This license has an expiration period of 60 days.
  • You can insert this code once inside the console (both Docker and Windows).

Step3. Sign-up to the console and upload the trial license
  • Sign-up and create your company account
  • Once on the dashboard you can insert your generated license code
  • Click the “add devices” button to download the installer of agent

We would appreciate any feedback from your side, not only obvious bugs but also any comments regarding things that doesn't make sense from your point of view, or any suggestion for improvements.
One last thing we want to share a little secret with you - this version of the Management Console will be available also as a Cloud version.
Thank you and looking forward to your feedback.
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This is an error presented and communicated in AfB Cloud Console and here in Avast Business Management Console.

Date format is always MM/DD/YY even if you choose a different language/country from english (spanish in my case) where date format must be DD/MM/YY.
La web de Avast antivirus para España:
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Hi, thanks. We have this on our list.
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Glad to see you can mix license types. That always infuriated me on the AEA Console.

On the "Also as a cloud version" is this going to replace the current AfB product, or more of a - Let us host your console for you- style approach?
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It will be really great to have the possibility to have several licenses on the same console. But do you know if it will still be possible to merge license file ? For example, if a customer takes 20 licenses of Avast Business Antivirus and then add 1 extra license of Avast Business Antivirus Pro later. Customers ask us to merge license file because they want the same anniversary date for all their licenses.

In the installation wizzard there is a step about the SSL certificate and if we choose "I don't have SSL certificate", it is indicated that choosing this option is only for testing purpose. Does it mean that if we want to install this new console we aboslutely need to have an SSL certificate (as a prerequisite for installing the console) ?

Thank you

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I have disabled Mail shield in the console and I have notification from some computers: "Mail Shield has been manually disabled on the device by a user."
And it shows me, that "Device is in danger".

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I would like to ask where I can set up trusted networks in the firewall and if I can set them up at all. I found Friends, but I can not change any values there. There is a set range of - I just want to set some networks as trusted. Is it set up somewhere?

Update mirror is broken. My virus definiton is 170620-2 when update mirror is on. When I turn it off, avast updates databse on 170622-4.
Pc, where update mirror is set is connected to internet of course
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Not sure if you guys are doing this or not, but a more robust site blocking addition would be great. If I could block everything and only whitelist a few sites that would eliminate some of my frustrations.

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I apologize if this has already been addressed somewhere, but the ABMC appears to ultimately be a replacement for SOA (and possibly the Enterprise Management tool?).  We've bought and renewed the endpoint protection suite for some time (our current license goes through 2019), so I want to make sure of two things: (1) can endpoint protection suite licenses be used with the new console and (2) if we use the new console, do we have to then also use Avast for Business, and if so, is there a 1-for-1 license with Endpoint Protection? Or can the new console install / manage endpoint suite clients the same as they do currently?