Author Topic: Client-Side Tasks and Server-Side Tasks Seem To Not Be Working  (Read 6427 times)

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Hello Avast Forum!  I seem to have noticed this issue starting a few weeks ago.  In the Avast Enterprise Administration Console,  if I try to run a task, like a scan or a report, the task will show up in it's proper spot (either Client-Side Tasks or Server-Side Tasks), and display as 'waiting'. It will stay like that till I refresh, and once I refresh, the task will disappear.

I ran a Client-Side task to run a Quick Scan on my computer, hit refresh, and the task disappeared from the Client-Side Tasks folder in the console.
 After about a minute, the scan did start on my computer, so I know it's still sending the request.  Also, the same thing happens if I try to run a report.  And, all our scheduled reports are still running.

I thought this might have something to do with the database file size, which had 1GB allocated and only had 2MB of space left.  I expanded the database two 2GB (and doubled the security and log database size).  I ran the latest update to the Avast console as well.  Still receiving the same issues.

One other thing I noticed is sometimes the computer in their folder structures will be missing.  If I close the Avast console, stop and start the 'avast! Enterprise Administration Server' service, and open up the console, they will show up.  They just randomly lose connection.

One last thing - the Client-Side/Server-Side task issue mentioned above happens every time I hit refresh...  the computers disappearing from folder issue I mentioned is random (maybe will happen once or twice a day).

Any thoughts?  Thank you in advance for you help!