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I hope this is the correct area to post to. It's my first time here

I have Avast Home and have run it over evry file during boot, I have also run AdAware accross the system, but the following keeps coming up
Win32:Dialer-520 [Trj]. It seems to be coming from the following

How do I get rid of this problem.
Thanks in advance

Hi craigmck,

Please download, install and update these programs:

Ewido: http://www.ewido.net/en/

Spybot Search & Destroy: http://www.safer-networking.org/

Also update Ad-Aware.

Boot into safe mode. (Tap F8 while rebooting.)

Run scans with all three.

If the problem remains, please post a HijackThis! log:


Good luck!

Hi craigmck,

First thing you should not do is put live clickable links to malware.
The unaware and youngsters might be tempted to get themselves infected.
The malware is packed by UPX, you have advertising software Adware Media Ticket. Information and removal tools are to be found here:

Patch and update your system, when your system is fully clean (you can check tjis with spyaudit), you should install the three programs against ad- and spyware, ad-aware, spybot s&d, and spywareblaster. They are free and together can keep your machine clean of ad- and spyware.
Use only one good software firewall, one resident anti-virus program like Avast only, and surf safe.
For your in-browser protection install siteadvisor and download the DrWeb pre-hyperlink scanner plug-in.


Thanks for the help. I think it is now gone. Just one more thing. I use a linksys ADSL modem / router, which has a firewall, do I need a software firewall as well (if so which is best free one), or is the linksys inbuilt one okay?


Hi craigmck,

Glad to hear your problem has gone.

I believe a software firewall is recommended even behind a hardware firewall.

These firewalls are all recommended:

Zone Alarm

The discontinued Sygate also has its advocates, if you can find a copy.


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