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Very scummy
« on: July 25, 2017, 04:39:48 PM »
I signed up for the 30 day trial, entered my credit info and email and had an account. I got an email 1 week before Avast was going to charge me for premium at which point I tried to log in to my account to disable the automatic renewal. "Your email is not registered in the system" is what the site tells me when I try to log on, that's funny because I used it to sign up and give you my credit info, AND YOU LITERALLY SENT ME AN EMAIL WARNING ME ABOUT THE RENEWAL!!!

So after calling the customer service line and going through the automated "Press 1 for this" bullshit, every option ends with a nice robotic lady saying "visit to solve your problem". A website that I can't log in to, a website with no email support, no live chat support, so what do I do? What can I do? Cancel my credit card? As someone who lives paycheck to paycheck and who is almost always broke, that $50 is the difference between having to walk 1.5hrs to work and another 1.5hrs back home for 8 days, or eating only rice for the next two weeks, or forgoing a loan payment.

In the end I eventually forgot after a couple days about the email, and avast all together and was surprised by the $50 charge on my account, fuck me right? I still couldn't log in to my account or get through to any type of support from avast until a week later where by some mircale I could now log in through my google account. So I just let it be assuming they would use the length of time to file a dispute as means to refuse a refund. I will never recommend this program to a single person, the scumbag(s) who's idea it was to scam innocent hard working people out of their money should lose their job(s) and be held accountable.

-free trial
-cant log in to cancel renewal
-absolutely 0 customer support
-charged against my will (stolen from)
-still cant log in(til 1 week later)

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Re: Very scummy
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